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Friday, July 28, 2006

New Products

Mmmm mmmm - as much as I like licking the salt off of Dad's face after a long AZ run, I have to admit he is too salty! Yucko! I went to Runner's Den yesterday and purchased my parents two Runner's Den visors. They have a really great sweat stopper on the inner lining. No more burning eyes for the parents and no more super salty kisses for me. Perfect. I also signed Mom and Dad up for a REI credit card. With each REI purchase they get 10% back in REI credits to use. They love that store. Don't tell anyone, but they often go to REI and just walk around on the weekends for something to do. That is what they call entertainment. A far cry from the old partying days for sure! Check out my picture below, it is of me showing Mom and Dad how cool their new hats are. I was licking my lips because I than tried to eat the hat after I took this picture, I can't stop myself, I am a lab.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

now that is one cute picture.

i can spend HOURS in REI!

12:31 PM

Blogger Legs and Wings said...

You are one big feller! Timber...feller?? Get it????


Cool visor big feller. Stay cool this weekend. Drink your fluids.

3:45 PM

Blogger Jessica DeLine said...

Timber you look cute in that hat! :)

9:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to get some of those too with this heat! (and I could spend all day in a running store!)

10:31 AM

Blogger cotu said...

I have decided to never go into REI again. Whenever I am there, I just turn my wallet inside out and dump out every penny I have, and then some!

10:51 AM

Blogger macgheeoblander said...

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8:42 AM


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