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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhh - how lucky am I? Another cloudy "cool" day in Arizona. Just my mom and I ran today. Dad's arch is hurting him, he definitely needs some new shoes. It was nice to run with mom though. I could tell she was feeling good. She said she had a "runners high". Hellooooooooooooooooo, I get that everyday. But, she was pretty happy about that. It was sprinkling outside, so we took a deep breath in and ran like the wind today - enjoying every moment of it. A cloudy day in Arizona is rare, so we like to take advantage of it when we can. When we got home from the run, the kitchen was sparkling clean. Turns out Dad cleans the kitchen if he doesn't run in the morning. I told mom not to get any ideas as I like when dad comes along on the runs - and she does too. Well, over and out for now. Until next time my friends....keep living it up!


Blogger onepinkfuzzy said...

Hi Timber!

I saw your mom and dad added me to your links bar, which I thought was pretty cool, and your blog is too sweet. I hope you and your mom and dad have fun training for Crown King!

5:35 PM

Blogger Jessica DeLine said...

Yeah I don't know how you arizona people run in that heat you usually have. I've run in 90 degreees once or twice and it about killed me!

8:59 PM


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