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Friday, July 21, 2006

Cross Training..

Last year Mom and Dad made the mistake of not doing any weight training or cross training. Mom got servere ITBS and could not run for weeks. Dad ended up having lots of foot problems. Now that I am their coach, I am changing that. Each week I have them both lifting weights twice a week and doing one day of cross training. Tuesdays and Thursdays after their run I shuffle them into the weight room/office and make them do their excercises. It is important that they stay strong so they can keep up with my energy. Although I do have to admit, when mom was riding the bike today, it was tough for me. I wanted to be out there running so bad, but knew it was best for mom to build her leg muscles and do some cross training. So, I just stared at her and walked around her about 20 times hoping the time would go by faster. I feel that if she knows I am there for her while she rides, she will keep it up. I can tell Mom feels alot better including weight and cross training into her regimen. She has been able to keep injuries at bay and feels really strong. Gosh, I am a good coach! I also do strength training myself which includes pulling my parents along the trail, chasing after dogs and holding items in my mouth - such as socks and paper really tight so that Mom cannot get them from me. Yeah, I am pretty buff.


Blogger Legs and Wings said...

Here Timber...Here pup! Listen, I was thinking I could incorporate a few of your training tips into my regime. I've been riding my bike to work - not a long ride...about 30 mins a day. I push pretty good. Is that enough cross-training or should I work something else in?

12:01 PM

Blogger Jessica DeLine said...

What a smart trainer. I hope the new cross training plans goes well :)

12:07 PM

Blogger onepinkfuzzy said...

oh wow, you're such a great coach! i need to get more cross- and strength-training this time around. ITBS hurts so bad, I don't want it back!

12:24 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

i could use a coach like you are. but my apartment is to small to keep a great dog like you.

8:21 AM

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