A blog about me, a giant yellow lab and my adventures with my parents including, ultra running, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hey Guys, I know...I know....I have been a horrible blogger lately. But, I have a good excuse.....mom is 7 months pregnant!!!! The bad part of that is I don't get taken on long luxurious trail runs quite as often as I would like. Mom is trying to keep up with her trail running but it is slowly but surely turning into hiking. Which is not bad, but I can't wait to get my paws rumbling through the trails on a regular basis again. In the meantime, we are just waiting for the arrival of my new little sister. The first baby of the family! I am hoping Dad will make a saddle that I can wear and strap little Talia on to show her what trail running is all about....I suppose mom wouldn't like seeing her newborn being flung across the trails on the back of a giant yellow lab..........I will keep dreaming though....until next time.....keep running like the wind and enjoying every second of it!